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  • As a fitness instructor and trainer, I constantly have people who ask for my opinion on a supplement that works. Joe is my "go to" guy for questions about amino acids, herbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins or fad diets and overtraining syndromes. His podcast on dietary supplements is incredibly helpful and I like to listen to it whenever I need an answer to a supplement question. He is professional and has amazing knowledge in the fitness field.
    Mary Jo Fronckel
    Fitness Instructor and Trainer
  • When I want to learn about a supplement, I confidently turn to Joe Cannon for his extensive knowledge on the subject matter. His diligence, ability to go through massive amounts of research and provide thorough, unbiased summaries on supplements out in the marketplace is unparalleled. He takes the time to find out what they are, what they do and what are the pros and cons of adding them to our diet and conversely, which ones to stay away from. I value his opinion and trust his research on a topic that can be complicated and overwhelming.
    Chelle Nelson
    Personal Trainer for over 25 years
  • Joe is my “go to” guru when I have questions about fitness, nutrition and supplements. He is very knowledgeable. He explains everything in such a way that it is very easy for the “average” person to understand. I am very happy that I have someone like him in my corner.
    Carol Jacobs
  • When I was anxious about getting off of a prescribed anti-inflammatory drug (that I had learned would ultimately cause other problems), Joe was so helpful in my consideration of an alternative to address my need. He helped me to explore the benefits as well as the drawbacks of several different alternatives. It took several months to gradually reduce the prescribed anti-inflammatory and have replaced it with a curcumin complex that contains turmeric. The good news is that I’m experiencing all benefits without any of the drawbacks. Big thanks to Joe!
    Beryl Byles
  • I look to Joe Cannon for any questions regarding supplements. He's well-respected in this industry. His dedication to research and the truth is unparalleled.
    Greg Sims
  • Joe’s knowledge of dietary supplements has been a huge time saver for me. He’s helped me avoid things I don’t need and pointed me to supplements that have made a huge difference in my life.
    Amanda Collins
  • Joe is a non-biased source with his finger on the pulse of the supplement industry. He is able look at a supplement containing several ingredients and quickly pin down the key ingredient -which often costs less. This advice is invaluable if you are on a budget.
    Holly Hargrave
  • Over the years, I have saved me so much money on dietary supplements I did not need. if I have a question about ANYTHING related to supplements, exercise or nutrition, I know Joe will always have the answer. I think it's fair to say that one of the reasons I'm good at my job is because of everything I've learned from Joe!!! He's also got IMPECCABLE integrity. I'm TRULY grateful to have Joe Cannon in my toolbox. He's a walking, talking, downright AMAZING resource!!!
    Jessica Lewis
  • Joe Cannon has been my go-to resource for all things related to dietary supplements, and keeping healthy. He is genuinely concerned for the products we may consume. Any new product I might want to try I check with Joe first to see what he thinks about it and the side effects and possible problems when consuming it. He takes the time to do the research and investigate the supplement and the company that manufactures it.
    BJ Kinkade
  • Joe Cannon is the guru of dietary supplements
    Chris Blessing, MS, OCS, CSCS, CTPS